Custom Machinery Guarding

Fully Customizable Guarding for all your machinery!

From cycle time to throughput to changeover metrics, there’s no end to the daily concerns and issues that you deal with in an industrial marketplace. You’re tasked with continually improving key metrics as well as complying with evolving regulations, which means change is the only constant.
Injury and hefty fines are results of inadequate preventative protection measures. Whether its a machine guard, storage enclosure or visual barrier, the application needs to fit your equipment and your processes.

Customizable Products
AEC now offers a wide range of customizable products for the specific guarding and enclosure to limit your risks, damage and expenses. The anodized aluminum T-slot profile system allows you to mount additional safety components such as switches, security cameras, light relays, or locks.
It is a modular solution, meaning when your equipment, inventory, personnel or regulations change or evolve you simply reconfigure your existing design to accommodate.

– Our products are aesthetically appealing and don’t peel, rust, chip or fade

– Easy to clean

– Weighs less than stainless

– Corrosion-Resistant

– Similar strength to steel

– Different Guarding systems such as, Thermal plastic coated mesh, clear HDPE panels, or colored Polycarbonate panels

-Stainless Steel Hardware

– Accommodate maintenance and repairs

– Easily incpororate other safety components

– Fit to your equipment and processes

– Meet or exceed all OSHA regulations

-Easily installed by our service team or you own employees
Our products have modern, adaptable and strong profiles, panels and parts. These guards can be installed at your facility either by your team members or our installation team can come to you and install them. Call us today to arrange a quote for a custom safety guarding package for any of your machines.