Many Angelus® Can Seamers In Stock

before-afterMany Angelus® can seamers in stock and available for rebuilding as complete overhauls or partial rebuilds are as follows:

  • Angelus® 40P
  • Angelus® 59P
  • Angelus® 60L
  • Angelus® 61H/62H
  • Angelus® 80L/81L
  • Angelus® 100L/101L
  • Angelus® 120L/121L

Atmospheric and steam-vacuum applications available.

All can seamer overhauls and rebuilds are performed to factory specifications and procedures, with your choice of genuine OEM or aftermarket parts. We update the machine mechanically to all the latest product upgrades, completely sandblast all castings prior to applying stainless steel epoxy paint or 2ml electroless nickel plating, and install new safety jam switches ready for your existing electrical connection.

Also included (free of charge) with our in-house overhaul program, is customer training on the seamer at our facility, startup assistance from an American Equipment Company Service Representative, and a twelve month warranty on parts and labor.

This equipment can be sold in “as is” condition, rebuilt or overhauled condition. Please contact us for availability and pricing.